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Gamesys Group plc is a leading bingo-led global operator with a strong portfolio of online gaming brands. We are committed to running our business activities responsibly.

Our key differentiators

  • Diversified operations across geographies which include both regulated and unregulated markets, provides a backdrop for balanced growth
  • Attractive demographic of primarily female audiences who are less targeted by sports-led operators
  • Market-leading position as the No. 1?UK bingo-led operator, leading to scale benefits
  • Proprietary technology platforms with strong in-house capabilities
  • Strong financial position with a track record of cash generation and growth, enabling us to reduce leverage.

Our bingo-led offering


The value we create for stakeholders

Our business is highly cash-generative, with high growth and high margins. We maintain similarly high standards of corporate governance to ensure we are operating and building our business responsibly.

For society

We promote a culture of responsible gaming and market our activities in a transparent and responsible way.

For customers

We offer a user-friendly, multi-platform approach aimed at delivering a great experience for our customers while encouraging them to play responsibly.

For government

We contribute to the economies where we operate through revenue generation, jobs and the taxes we pay.

For shareholders

We have a strong track record of cash generation which enables us to reinvest in the business for long-term growth.

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